Boy Scouts Of America Bankruptcy Won’t Affect Local Scouting Programs

Montana Boy Scout officials say local Scouting programs will continue uninterrupted despite the Boy Scouts of America, or BSA, filing for bankruptcy.

BSA urges victims to come forward after organization filed for bankruptcy protection this week; the first step towards dealing with a deluge of sexual abuse lawsuits.

The Montana Board of the BSA issued a press release this week stressing that local boards are not filing for bankruptcy because they are legally separate, distinct and financially independent organizations.

The release says Montana Scouting programs, including unit meetings and activities, district and council events, Scouting adventures and service projects will continue uninterrupted.

Boy Scouts of America plans to create a huge compensation fund for potentially thousands of men who were assaulted decades ago by Scout leaders or other leaders.

The bankruptcy filing puts the lawsuits on hold for the time being.

But eventually, the Boy Scouts may be forced to sell some of their vast real estate, including campgrounds and hiking trails, to raise money for a victims’ relief fund of up to $1 billion.

Last fall, two Montana men filed lawsuits against the Boy Scouts of America and its Montana branch for alleged sexual abuse by scout leaders.

Derrick A. Anderson